Tuck Coffee Chat


Its been a week since last post. Initially the plan was to do a post a day but looking at work schedule and how my GMAT prep is going, i’ll be sticking with one post every week 😦 . I know i know i will get better i promise. So as i am not applying this year, i figured might as well get a feel of how other applicants are approaching their applications. And most importantly get to know about schools without any pressure.
I was going through posts on BTG (BeatTheGmat) and found out about Tuck Coffee Chat happening in Vancouver. So i signed up, did some research about the alumni (let’s call her Ms. Tuck*) organising it and waited anxiously. For all those who don’t know me (yet), i plan things ahead of time. Ms. Tuck sent an email with date and time to a completely unknown Coffee Shop by her place which is good, cause last thing i want is a crowded Starbucks where its hard to hear/understand each other. I got there good half hour before our meeting, spent good 10 minutes finding a parking spot (yes i still suck at parallel parking). Got my coffee and started catching Pokemon. Yup didn’t want to stress and there were quite a few water pokemon around so might as well.
There were 5 of us prospective applicants and Tuck Alumni. We went around the table doing usual introduction, when are we planning on applying, where exactly we are in the whole process and our GMAT results etc. Then Ms. Tuck told us her background going into Tuck. Its one thing to know the B School rankings and another to meet an alumni and find out about their academic and professional accomplishments. Man i was humbled. It just puts into perspective where i stand in the pool among other applicants. She talked about Tuck’s culture, Tuck “Fit” and how strong knit alumni community is. You can read blogs, watch videos and go through school websites all you want; but to get a taste of the B school talk to an alumni. She was passionate and telling us stories about Tuck, her friends and how it’s still helping her make connections. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. For a moment i felt like i was there at Tuck. Before meeting her i didn’t picture myself at Hanover but now there’s a strong possibility. Only time will tell where i end up but Tuck has surely caught my attention and now it’s my turn to catch theirs. For that i should better get back to my GMAT prep.
* – Didn’t ask her for permission to blog so keeping her anonymous.
** – I just started GMAT SC module and i can see so many mistakes in my blog. Good thing i will know how far i’ve come when i reach end of this journey.


Introduction :)

Small Double Double ?

For all non Canadians its how you order coffee at Tim Hortons (Canada’s own Starbucks)
Small coffee with two milk and two sugar ? Just say Small double double and off you go 🙂

Who am I ?

Now a little bit of background about me. Born in India, moved to Canada in late teens. I work as Business Intelligence Analyst (full time), study Human Computer Interface & Data Analytics (part time), play cricket in my free time, volunteer as Youth Leader at YMCA, do powerlifting when i am not injured (currently just 2 injuries – mallet finger & rotator cuff injury) and i write poetry (actually a published author by age 17).

Why MBA ?

I come from IT background but i am really good at analysis. Plan is to transition into Investment banking and take it from there.

Hello, Bonjour & Sat Sri Akal

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.
I have started this blog to document my MBA application journey and hone my writing skills. I am a Business Intelligence Analyst based in Vancouver Canada (Best place on earth).
I hope this blog will help me get into my dream school , provide bit of motivation to others and remind me (in tough times) why i started in first place.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended as an instruction manual for MBA applicants, but I will be sharing my honest thoughts and experiences throughout the application process.