10 random facts

10 Random Facts about me.
1. I haven’t eaten mango in over 15 years.
2. I have successfully failed at learning how to swim 3 times.
3. I tell everyone i can’t cook but i am a really good cook (butter chicken).
4. I try to avoid left turns as much as possible.
5. I drink tea 5-6 times a day.
6. I was the last person to learn how to ride bicycle in my family, neighbourhood , friend circle and pretty much entire city.
7. Longest i have gone without sleeping is 60 hours, after which i just crashed.
8. I hate peppermint and anything minty.
9. I used to have all the Punjabi Music in my computer(over 50 years worth of collection) back in 2005.
10. I have lived in 50C/122F (India) and -65C/-85F (Fort Mcmurray,Alberta – with wind chill)


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