Trip to India

I am back like i promised/planned on.

So where have i been for last month and half ? – India
It all happened last minute and had to book tickets for India in late september. My sister finally decided its time and wedding date was set for October 20th. I thought it’ll be tough convincing my boss for extra time off but it all worked out eventually.(thank you Tony). October 8th i boarded a China Southern Flight to Guangzhou and from there to Delhi. Its the last time ill be taking a flight with layover, let’s just its brutal and end the discussion. 20 hours flight , 2 hour layover, 1.5 hour wait for luggage, 6 hour drive from airport to my home city (Khanna, Punjab) – i was tired but there’s something in Punjab’s air. I had Coming Home ft Skylar Grey from Diddy- Dirty Money on repeat blasting in my headphones and smile on my face.By the time i got home it was October 10th 7.30 am IST. So 2 days of my life have passed without any sleep (i can’t sleep on plane even if you give me a tranquilizer shot.) And as soon as i got home i was told to freshen up, have some tea and get ready as there’s lot of work to do :S.
Lately i analyze everything as an MBA applicant and even the wedding preparations that i was tasked to supervise, i assigned them to my friends and cousins. Boy it was hectic but it was fun. From 16th to 22nd October we had a wedding event everyday. I am pretty sure i pulled 3-4 all nighters during that time. From decorating the house to getting marriage palace ready, to getting temple prepped up for wedding ceremony, to buying fireworks for Diwali (and for wedding), to finalizing the wedding photographer, sending out last minute invites , to making sure tasting food at the marriage palace, meeting and greeting relatives as they started coming on 16th and setting up place for them to sleep – phewwww the list is so long that i can type for days. Luckily everything went as planned without any major hiccups. Firework show went for 2+ hours , Jaago (close family n friends going around neighbourhood houses at night and dancing) went on for 3 hours and ladies sangeet was on for even longer time and all 3 of these events happened on single evening.
So between all this fun and celebration i didn’t get a chance to study for GMAT or attend any online B-School events. I have bunch of youtube videos saved in my watch list from these events, probably will watch them on this weekend (Rememberance day long weekend.)
Going back to my trip- so it was all fun till 23rd October. That’s when i got sick, dropped 20 pounds and was on bed for pretty much rest of my entire trip. Came back to Canada on 31st and its been bit over a week and still trying to recover.
All in all it was a nice change from my set routine. Though i didn’t get a chance to study for GMAT or better equip myself with B-School knowledge or do any more research but i feel confident that once i recover fully from this viral fever, i’ll be able to go back at it with full force.
Everyone claims that B-School application process is insightful experience and this trip to India was a humbling one. It reminded me of where i come from, hardships of life that i had faced, privileges that i have that others don’t and responsibility that i have deliver on. Even though i have been sick lately but i feel like i have been slacking. And i have to get up, brush off the rust and work hard. I owe it to people who are not fortunate enough to take full advantage of the opportunities that i have been bestowed with. I have to make my family, friends and myself proud.

In a nutshell i am back more humble, more honest, more realistic and more hungry than ever.
Thanks 🙂


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