Adios 2016

Toughest thing in life is to let go. We hold on to relationships, memories, objects from past just because of feel good factor.  But if there’s one thing we can’t hold onto- its time. We can try with our best of abilities and best of intentions but it has its own pace, won’t slow down for you and won’t speed up either. I have been so consumed with idea of getting an MBA that ever since i first conceived the thought of it , i’ve been counting days and hoping time will fly by. And i have overlooked other things that should equally be as important as getting into MBA. Yesterday i passed final course of my undergrad. It’s been long time coming (28 years long). Before going into 2017 i want to look back at things, take a moment to appreciate what i earned, what i achieved , reassess my goals, enjoy it for a bit and last but not least remind myself why i started this journey.

Relationships took a back seat, i didn’t fully commit to my passion of powerlifting, stopped writing poetry altogether. Sometimes i feel if i fail will it be worth it ? Giving up on so many things.  Then i hear the voice of 10 year old me, reminding myself why these sacrifices are necessary and why i can’t doubt myself. Entire world out there is doubting me and my dreams. I can’t do their job for them. I have to believe in my abilities and take a leap of faith.

Dear Destiny – if you deny me, i’ll defy you.