Haas – Class Visit

First one on the list – Berkeley Haas. I was only able to attend a class and not sit in any information session due to time constraints. Flew in from Vancouver and made it to campus just in time. Campus is beautiful, lot of undergrads have classes in same building. I guess Haas doesn’t have its dedicated building for Full Time MBA.  Head to the students office and signed up for Andrew Isaacs –  Opportunity Recognition: Technology and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. Its an elective so few of the students were from other schools as well. Having been up since 3 am with flight and long uber ride to campus and with lack of Caffeine had me crashing. But Andrew is a brilliant prof. It was a case study class about Hemoglobin replacement company that went public. Let’s just say in two hours everyone chipped in and cataloged crazy amounts of information and had come to conclusion on the case study. It was intense but yet fun. I actually wanted to participate quite a bit but was told beforehand not to. Students were actually really helpful and down to earth. One of the students offered to pay my transit fare when i asked for directions. Somebody else did for him day before so it was his pay it forward moment :). Its tricky now that i think about Haas. If Haas had one shot to impress me and i only asked for appetizer they delivered the best that they could have. Do i see myself at Haas ? – For sure, but i wish i had spent more time with students and at campus.

One thing’s for sure, all the marketing fluff that we see online about B-schools – It’s real. Here’s picture of Berkeley 🙂



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