Myths and Misconceptions

Here’s what i have figured out about MBA application process. I am in no way shape or form, the authority figure hell i haven’t even applied yet. So it’s my opinion and you’re entitled to disagree.

  1. Safety School – They don’t exist. There are students who got accepted at HBS and rejected by Duke. You’re single piece of a jig saw puzzle and you’ll get into the school that requires this piece to complete their picture, regardless how mediocre your stats are. ( Excluding non ranked schools who want to lift their Avg. Gmat scores by admitting students with great stats).
  2. Different Story for each School – It won’t work. You have on dream, one purpose and one goal. If you try multiple story lines, they will catch you lying. It’s hard to keep up one lie let alone a dozen.
  3. Big Applicant Pool – Stop worrying about the Indian IT Male applicant pool. If Adcoms. only cared about your GPA and GMAT they would’ve picked candidates with top marks. Its all about personality- who you are, what you want and why you want it ? Its about your experience – what have you done, why have you done it and how did you do it and also impact you had.
  4. Acceptance Rate – Acceptance rate at HBS < 10%, Stanford 9% etc… It doesn’t matter. You either get in or you don’t. Even if you get waitlisted , either you get in or you don’t. Its 50% not 20% not 10% not 9%.
  5. Fit – Ok this one is kinda tricky. You only end up doing MBA at one school, so technically nobody can definitively compare two schools and it’s fit. Your experience talking to alumni and current students isn’t same as one you will get from talking to your peers. You can’t predict the future so let destiny decide this one for you.
  6. Rankings – Employers don’t check yearly MBA rankings before hiring interns or handing out full time job offers. Only the prospective applicants check the rankings. Harvard/Stanford/Wharton are league apart PERIOD !!!. Ivey league schools are different league. Booth, Kellogg, Haas are unbeatable in their own way. You are not your school’s ranking.

Passion wears out, motivation runs out, its Obsession that lasts till the end. Admit or Reject put your heart into it and you’ll succeed in life.


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