Passion vs Obsession

This post is bit off topic. I have started to jolt down personal experiences, beliefs, view points and concerns. One thing that has resonated over the years with me is passion. Everything i have achieved or accomplished , its largely because i was so passionate about it. MBA is next item on the list. MBA itself isn’t a thing that i want to tick off my bucket list, it’s the MBA experience and transformation that i am after. Challenge that i’m facing lately is way too many distractions. I am passionate about lot of causes and i am invested in quite a few of them. So it all boils down to my priorities and GMAT obviously trumps the list or at least it should. So i have decided to change my passion into obsession and try to ace GMAT and give myself better odds come the application season. Obsession might not be the right attribute but win or lose i want to give it my all and then some.


Passion is when you see the results, passion is when there’s joy and excitement. Obsession is when there’s no end in sight but you’re keeping a promise you made to yourself. 


My Second Book

Its been long time coming. I have always been passionate about poetry. It’s my way of expressing my feelings and emotions. And i feel a person can convey strongest of the messages with the simplest of words.

Ghamman da suadagar or Hawker of sorrows is compilation of 25 poems that i have written over past 10 years. Collection is pretty big but i wanted to publish something that others could relate to.

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It is primarily Punjabi and Urdu (Urdu ghazals using english script). Give it a read, it is free 🙂