Stanford Class Visit

Day 2 – Stanford. After visiting Haas, i was less nervous and more mentally prepared. Class visit was scheduled from 9.30-12 and i got there early around 9ish. There were five other MBA aspirants, we all introduced ourselves and chatted for a bit before Admissions personnel showed up and gave us name tags. Meanwhile i was observing the atmosphere and its true what everyone says about Stanford – it’s laid back. Students in their pj’s and flip flops. I even saw a guy walking and trimming his beard on the go.Oh ya, a lot of East Indian students as well. Our group was split into two and my group was taken to Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital by Peter C Wendell & Raymond Gabriel Nasr. I honestly know nothing about venture capital, coming from tech background i had no expectations of knowing or understanding anything. But i couldn’t be more wrong. The case study was about firing a founder CEO by Board of directors. Everything was free flowing discussion and it was all making sense. The guest speakers work for a big VC firm which has shares in Instagram. He talked about uber’s CEO, investing in conflicting or rival companies etc. All in all it was wonderful experience. I didn’t get a chance to talk to students in the class but they ranged everywhere from sleepyheads to Prom queens. Question – Do i see myself at Stanford ?  Let’s just say i was more confident before visiting Stanford. I will surely survive n thrive there but i need to dig deeper and do more research.

Here’s the view from inside Bass Center at GSB. There’s no denying this place is piece of beauty.