Kellogg – Class Visit

Day 3 – Kellogg. I stayed at my cousins’ place about an hour drive from Evanston. Illinois itself is not the most happening place. My cousin ended up taking me to Chicago navy pier, Willis tower and Millennium park, which is nice but it’s hard to fall in love with Chicago. Its crazy windy and apparently it wasn’t the normal windy day by Chicago’s standards. Anyhow, took the train to Evanston and uber to Kellogg. Started off with Info-session and then campus tour with first years. Right away i felt a big disconnect. The students were nice and helpful but with snobby side to them. I interacted with 4 of them and they came across as super helpful kind but with big serving of sarcasm. If it wasn’t for volunteer opportunity or nothing to gain, i felt like they wouldn’t even stop to give somebody directions. I was really interested in attending Data analytics class but it wasn’t offered that day so i cut my class visit short and left early. Kellogg is relocating to new building called Global Hub. It is secluded from city and it’s hella windy. I am honestly debating because it was horrible experience when it comes to students but when it comes to Admissions advisor and other staff they were the friendliest bunch. I guess i’ll reconsider Kellogg later on and try to talk to alumni before deciding if i  will be applying there or no.