MIT – Sloan

Cambridge is a different beast altogether. It has MIT and Harvard. The architecture around town is vintage and more welcoming than i felt at Chicago. I always had special place for MIT having aspired to become an astronaut growing up. Walking around the campus rekindled the fire once again but alas it’s bit late. If way to man’s heart is through his stomach, then MIT built express lane for me. I am a big fan of healthy nutritious food. Oatmeal and coffee are my go to meal anytime, anyplace (even if it’s not breakfast time).



MIT cafe serves gourmet oatmeal with variety of granola, cranberry, brown sugar etc. MIT and I totally hit it off. It  started off with Coffee chat with current  first year students and a class visit after. Jim Rohn says “You’re the Average of the five people you spend the most time with “. And pretty much everyone i met at MIT, i would love them to be my classmates. MIT is pretty quant focused and it shows the way students communicate. We were taken to Paul Osterman’s Managing and Leading People and Organizations’ class after coffee chat. Myself and other 4 students were asked to introduce ourselves, it wouldn’t have mattered if we weren’t. But these small things do add up, it’s the minimalist things that add up to become a major factor. I liked the vibe of class, it’s inter-activeness and right blend of case study with lecture style. Following the case, there was an information session and lunch with current students. Dynamics of American politics and its impact on International students applying was brought up and one of the students mentioned that Student body president wrote to Trump personally regarding the issue showing his displeasure on the topic. All in all, it was great experience. If there’s one thing i have learnt so far, is that rankings don’t matter or atleast not if it’s one of the top 5-7 school. The opportunities are pretty much the same, it all boils down to what your personal preference is.  Next on the list is HBS. 🙂




Campus Visit – 2017

Campus visits play a crucial role in the MBA application process. It’s one thing to be passionate about one school but another to actually visit the campus, talk to current students, attend a class and see if you like the vibe. Going to a B-school that not only provides me right opportunities but also aligns with my personality is ….


So starting March 1st i am embarking on two week trip to visit potential B-schools. There are few omissions due to scheduling conflicts and work commitments. But looking on the bright side, i’ll have a special trip just to visit these two schools in couple months.

So here’s my schedule, if you happen to be in same city feel free to shoot a message. I would love to hang out with you 🙂

  • March 1st – Haas
  • March 2nd – Stanford
  • March 6th – Kellogg School of Management
  • March 8th – MIT Sloan
  • March 10th – Harvard
  • March 13th – Wharton

Dreams do come true, you just have to get up n work for them !!!