GMAT is a Beast !!!

There, I said it. I have been studying for past month on n off (mostly on). And I haven’t cracked it yet. I have though outlined my weaknesses and strengths. Luckily all the hardwired I put into SC has paid off and I am much better than before. To be honest I was panicking initially as I had an unrealistic timeline in my mind for GMAT and applications. But after attending a webinar with Personal MBA Coach, it became more clear that my priorities need to be rearranged in order to succeed. So I have built this Gantt chart that is really helpful for me personally and figured it might help someone out there who’s in same position as I am in.

I am in no way affiliated with PMC. I have been attending every webinar or online chat to gain as much information as possible. And I recommend it to all of you.

“Constant repetition carries Conviction.”